Protec Energy Solutions

Terms of Service

  1. Quote is valid for 7 days.
  2. All pricing is subject to change [ROE] within 7 day validity period.
  3. Payment Terms: 100% Payment on order confirmation.
  4. Stock availability is subject to first come first serve.
  5. Goods will be ready for collection within 24 to 74 hours after payment reflects in our bank account.
  6. Stock delivery 24 to 74 hours from receipt of payment [Delivery charge applicable].
  7. Returned goods subject to 5% handling fee.
  8. No return policy for specialized / manufactured items.
  9. Warranties:

            -Product: Standard manufacturer’s warranty apply to all material supplied by Protec Energy Solutions.
            -Installation must be done by an accredited installer or qualified electrician for warranties to be honoured by the manufacturers.
            -Proof of this and pictures of installation will be required in the event of a warranty claim.

  1. Protec Energy Solutions have accredited and registered installers available to assist with your installation
  2. Terms and Conditions is subject to change without prior notice.
  3. All rights reserved by Protec Energy Solutions.